Film, television, theatre actor and acting coach Sarah-Jane Redmond.
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Sarah-Jane Redmond in Da Vinci's Inquest: God Forbid We Call It What It Is

Da Vinci's Inquest was a Canadian dramatic television series first broadcast on CBC Television from 1998 to 2005. Seven seasons of thirteen episodes each were filmed for a total of ninety-one episodes. The show, set and filmed in Vancouver, stars Nicholas Campbell as Dominic Da Vinci, once an undercover officer for the RCMP, but now a crusading coroner who seeks justice in the cases he investigates.

As well as actress Sarah-Jane Redmond starring as Sgt. Sheila Kurtz, the cast also includes Gwynyth Walsh as Da Vinci's ex-wife and Chief Pathologist, Patricia Da Vinci, Donnelly Rhodes as detective Leo Shannon, and Ian Tracey as detective "Mick" Leary.

This page includes a scene with Sarah-Jane from the Season 5 episode, God Forbid We Call It What It Is.

Episode synopsis - God Forbid We Call It What It Is

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Da Vinci uncovers some disturbing information about one of the commingled bodies. Kosmo finds more evidence that a cop may be involved in a drug dealer's death. Rose continues to help Shannon and Leary in their search for a killer.

Season 5 episode 7.

William Fruet

Written by:
Chris Haddock, Alan Di Fiore, Frank Borg

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Da Vinci's Inquest Trivia

Da Vinci's Inquest.

Da Vinci's Inquest was critically acclaimed as the best television series in Canada after winning the Gemini Award for Best Dramatic Series for five of its first six seasons.

When Da Vinci's Inquest completed its seventh and final season, it was continued in 2005 as Da Vinci's City Hall.

The first 3 seasons of Da Vinci's Inquest have been released on DVD box set format by Acorn Media and the series is regulary shown on television around the world. There was an online petition launched which aimed to demonstrate the the desire and interest to see the all remaining seasons released on DVD format, as of 2017 this petition is no longer online due to the petition site closing down.

"A Canadian Masterpiece." - TV Guide

"Superior Drama." - The New York Times

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