Film, television, theatre actor and acting coach Sarah-Jane Redmond.
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Sarah-Jane Redmond in Smile of April

Life changes like the tide, in accordance with the whole universe but you.
It only takes one second, one place, one person, it can happen anytime, even now, the 4th of April at 5pm.

This page contains a video trailer for Smile of April courtesy of Sabrina B. Karine and Broken Artists Pictures.


Smile of April, it's five stories, fives lives, five destinies linked by this specific moment.

"Smile of April" and all related characters are © Copyright Broken Artist Pictures and its related entities. All Rights Reserved.

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Smile of April

Sarah-Jane Redmond commenced work in June 2007 on a new feature film entitled Smile of April from Broken Artists Pictures.

Sarah-Jane plays the character of Ann and the film is directed by Jessica Brajoux and Sabrina Karine. It also features a varied cast including Torri Higginson best known for her role on TV's Stargate Atlantis.

Visit the official website of Smile of April for additional information.