Film, television, theatre actor and acting coach Sarah-Jane Redmond.
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Sarah-Jane Redmond in Harsh Realm (Inga Fossa 2)

Created by the military, Harsh Realm explores a virtual reality world where anything is possible. After seeing the horrors of war in Sarajevo, Lt. Thomas Hobbes is finally ready to settle down with his fiancé but the military has one last assignment for him. He must test out the newest in military combat training, a top secret computer simulation code-named "Harsh Realm". However once inside the game, Hobbes immediately finds himself fighting for his life, and struggling to comprehend what is real and what is not.

Sarah-Jane Redmond was cast as the mysterious and seductive Inga Fossa in Chris Carter's Harsh Realm. During this second scene from the episode Inga Fossa, Inga prepares to use top secret Military equipment to venture into the violent and oppressed virtual reality that is Harsh Realm.

Episode synopsis

Sophie continues to look into Hobbes' death by following Inga Fossa into a run down military installation where Inga Fossa uses a portal to move back to Harsh Realm. Inga Fossa enters however Sophie is locked out. Fossa materialises in Santiago City where she informs Santiago of her plans of conquest. In Harsh Realm, Hobbes, Pinocchio and Florence attempt to gain forged ID chips so they can enter Santiago city and gain access to the portal. They find the man they need for the job, just as Walters and a team of commandos raid the building and capture Florence. The rest manage to escape through a glitch that leads them directly Santiago's barracks.

Hobbes manages to break into the chamber where the portal is and with reluctant help from Inga Fossa, they enter. Fossa tells Hobbes that unless he kills Santiago now in Harsh Realm there would not be a world for Hobbes to return to as Santiago plans to destroy it. Hobbes decides to stay in Harsh Realm as Fossa gives him the letter Sophie wrote him. She also gives him the key to the cell where Pinocchio and Florence are being kept. In the real world, Sophie has been waiting for Inga Fossa to return. Fossa is surprised but lies to Sophie that she couldn't get the letter to Hobbes.

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Harsh Realm

Harsh Realm is now available to own on DVD format.

Chris Carter's Harsh Realm premiered in 1999, inspired by the Harsh Realm comic books created by Andrew Paquette and James Hurndall.

Sarah-Jane Redmond took on the role of mysterious military advisor Inga Fossa. Ten Thirteen Production's not only reunited Sarah-Jane with series creator and Executive Producer Chris Carter but also the enigmatic actor Terry O'Quinn (Lost, The X-Files: Fight The Future) as evil General Omar Santiago. Also to be seen in the pilot episode was actor Lance Henriksen (Millennium, Aliens, The Right Stuff, Aliens vs Predator) portraying a military officer. Observant fans will no doubt recognise the voice of X-Files star Gillian Anderson who provides a video clip voice-over.

Despite Carter bringing together this familiar and excellent team, Harsh Realm sadly only lasted 9 episodes. The complete Harsh Realm series with unseen episodes is now available to buy on DVD and is well worth viewing in its own right, but especially more so for fans of Carter, Redmond, Henriksen and O'Quinn.