Film, television, theatre actor and acting coach Sarah-Jane Redmond.
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True Love Waits Trailer featuring Sarah-Jane Redmond

In the confines of the show windows at "Wedgely's for Women" Judy Thibeault is queen. For more than 35 years she has been creating the eye-catching displays that have drawn several generations of the City's women through Wedgely's doors and played a huge role in making the store the success it is. However, in recent weeks the precision which she exercises over her mannequins and their environments is being disrupted in increasingly strange and inexplicable ways and every morning she arrives at work faced with a new and frustrating dilemma. Convinced that the only logical explanation is that her new, young co-worker Tammy is sabotaging the displays in an attempt to steal her job, Judy embarks on a course of action that will change her career and life. Written by Jon Ornoy

True Love Waits

The poster for True Love Waits starring Sarah-Jane Redmond.

True Love Waits is a short film written and directed by Jon Ornoy, released in December 2013. You can learn more about the film at the official website:

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"True Love Waits" and all related characters are © Copyright Animial Mother Films and its related entities. All Rights Reserved.


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Learn more about Sarah-Jane Redmond

A promotional photo of actress Sarah-Jane Redmond.

Sarah-Jane Redmond is an accomplished actress, well versed in the many aspects of her chosen profession which she considers to be her 'craft'. Indeed throughout Sarah-Jane's career the actress has gathered an extensive resume of skills and experience including Dance, Theatre, Film and Television work. Continue reading Sarah-Jane's full biography.


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