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Our Latest Roles RSS news feeds makes it easy to keep up to date with Sarah-Jane's most recent news, film and television roles. Each feed automatically updates several times a day with the most recent information from our website.

Click on the chosen news feed icon to subscribe to an RSS feed with your preferred Internet browser, news reader or add the feed to your home page and you will be kept automatically updated with Sarah-Jane's latest news, film and television roles. You can 'subscribe' to as many feeds as you like and if you are new to using RSS feeds, information on how to use them can be found further down the page.


Latest News RSS Feed

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The Latest News RSS news feed contains the most recent news articles from, the official website of actress Sarah-Jane Redmond.

Latest Roles RSS Feed

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The Latest Roles RSS news feed makes it easy to keep up to date with Sarah-Jane's most recent film and television roles.


What are RSS News Feeds?

For more information about RSS feeds, please visit Googles Feed 101 introduction.

Please note that we reserve the right to prevent the distribution of our content and does not accept any liability for its feeds.


Latest Roles - RSS Feed

What are News Feeds?

Our news feeds allow you to see when we have added new content to our website or when Sarah-Jane has a new role, depending upon the feed you choose to use. You can get the latest information from us, as soon as its published.

Feeds are known as RSS which usually stands for 'Really Simple Syndication'. In essence, the feeds themselves are just web pages, designed to be read by computers rather than people.