Film, television, theatre actor and acting coach Sarah-Jane Redmond.
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04 Dec 2004 by Graham P. Smith

Welcome to the new official website of actress Sarah-Jane Redmond. Sarah-Jane is extremely excited to provide this website and has been looking forward to opening its virtual doors. For some time she has been very much aware of the need to provide a point of contact and reference for fans of both her work and her achievements attained throughout her varied career. Sarah-Jane intends to update visitors with regular news updates on her latest projects, to interact as much as possible with those who are interested in learning more about her work and the roles that she has portrayed and also shed some light on both her and what it is that she cherishes most about the "craft" of acting.

Some of you will already be aware that Sarah-Jane was developing a website, but for those who are here to find out more about Sarah-Jane and what this site has to offer, I'll take you through some of the features which we'll be providing.

For visitors who seek to learn more about Canadian actress Sarah-Jane Redmond there will be no better source of information on the roles in which she has undertaken. Visitors to the website of a professional nature will find a comprehensive resume of Sarah-Jane's work to date which is also provided in downloadable format for convenience. Also available is an online downloadable version of Sarah-Jane's Demo Reel (available to all site visitors in two different video formats) together with details on how to contact Sarah-Jane for professional reasons.

Visitors to will find a complete Biography of Sarah-Jane, a Filmography of her work and feature articles on some of the most popular and exciting roles into which Sarah-Jane has brought life. The site features a full DVD Discography with convenient links to all the DVD releases featuring Sarah-Jane for Canada, the US and the United Kingdom so that fans can track down and watch Sarah-Jane in the finest video format available. We've also added handy links to some quality posters and framed artwork for some of your favourite television shows.

You will also find a complete index of online and printed articles, together with interviews offering unique insights into the mind and abilities of Sarah-Jane and what it was like to work with such an outstanding range of talented actors and production crews. Sarah-Jane's website also features downloadable video clips of some of her famous roles including Lucy Butler (Millennium) and Inga Fossa (Harsh Realm).

Visitors will also enjoy the interactive areas of the website which include a fantastic Image Gallery where you will find 'behind the scenes' and personal on-set photographs which Sarah-Jane has generously provided and you will also have the facility to upload and share your own related images which you may wish to contribute. Our second interactive feature of the site is our professional quality Message Board or Forum where you can interact and share knowledge with other fans of Sarah-Jane and her work. You'll also have the opportunity to ask Sarah-Jane questions on her career and what it is like to work with your favourite actors/actresses and shows.

Visitors will find that is compatible with the most popular Internet browser software and that Sarah-Jane takes your privacy and your visit to her website very seriously. We have a comprehensive policy and will strive to bring new content and information as often as possible.

Thank you for visiting and for your interest in the continuing career of such a professional and uniquely talented actress, Sarah-Jane Redmond.

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Sarah-Jane Redmond is an accomplished actress, well versed in the many aspects of her chosen profession which she considers to be her 'craft'. Indeed throughout Sarah-Jane's career the actress has gathered an extensive resume of skills and experience including Dance, Theatre, Film and Television work. Continue reading Sarah-Jane's full biography.