Film, television, theatre actor and acting coach Sarah-Jane Redmond.
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Millennium: Lucy Butler



From Chris Carter (Creator of The X-Files), comes Millennium. a spellbinding series about the struggle between forces of good and evil at the end of the 20th Century.

Lance Henriksen is Frank Black, an ex-FBI agent whose ability to enter the minds of killers has come as both a blessing and a curse. After a breakdown caused by fears for his family’s safety, Frank has moved them across the country - as far away as possible from Washington, DC.

In Seattle, Black’s ability to delve into the psyche of murderers has made him a valuable consultant for the mysterious and clandestine Millennium Group, an organisation of former law enforcement officials dedicated to fighting the rise in crime as the new millennium draws closer. Frank helps the Group solve the most difficult of cases through his special abilities and begins to feel he is finally using his gift to protect others.

Sarah-Jane Redmond who played Lucy Butler, seen here with actor Lance Henriksen. Sarah-Jane's 6 hour transformation...

Lucy Butler

Chris Carter's Millennium premiered in 1996 and ran for three consecutive Seasons until shortly before the 'real' Millennium occurred. Sarah-Jane Redmond portrayed the seductive and fascinating Lucy Butler, an earth bound manifestation of pure evil and a representative of Legion. Ten Thirteen Production's (Chris Carter's Production Company named after Carter's Birthday no less) also cast Sarah-Jane Redmond with the fantastic Lance Henriksen, who was pre-determined by Carter to play the role of central character Frank Black. Carter also introduced Terry O'Quinn as the mysterious but overwhelmingly professional Peter Watts (Black's supervisor and mentor in the Millennium Group, himself a distinguished ex-veteran of the FBI's Violent Crime Task Force). The triangle was complete and would be forever savoured by the series' loyal fans.

Sarah-Jane provided an immediate and intriguing depth to the role of Lucy Butler, leaving fans of Millennium always eager for more information about her exact nature, what she could be capable of and most of all further appearances. There can be no doubt that this role, amongst the many brought to life by Sarah-Jane, will always be the most revered by those viewers of Millennium.

Sarah-Jane's prosphetics and make-up... Sarah-Jane Redmond in A Room With No View... Sarah-Jane Redmond in A Room with no view...


Sarah-Jane on Lucy Butler

"I wanted so much to work on Millennium, as I found Chris Carter a prolific and captivating writer, and was pleased to hear I had an audition for him, in an episode that David Nutter was to direct. I knew at the time that I felt very strong about the audition, and was surprised to say the least when the casting director called me at home. She said that they did not want to give me the part I had auditioned for, because they had a new recurring character that they would like me to play. This was the part of Lucy Butler."

"Of all the episodes I did, I think the first one (Lamentation) was my favourite. The first day, going to set, I had barely done any work previous to this part, and the scene required me to be interrogated by Terry O'Quinn and Lance, but I had to dance circles around them, so I had to control the scene. I honestly did not know how I would do it, but as soon as I got to set, the character takes over, and I found that I had more of Lucy in me than I realized. The power felt natural and intoxicating, calm, yet the 'fires of hell' were burning, bubbling...

It was also fascinating to get the moulding done for the face of the devil. It took 6 hours to apply, and I had a chance to go back to my trailer and work with the 'mask'. What you find is that you can completely loose all other aspects of yourself, and you have the permission to go completely to areas you perhaps only touch upon in life. This was the dark side, for me. Which I enjoyed exploring immensely."

From an interview with This Is Who We Are conducted by Scott Pugliese.


Sarah-Jane talks Lucy Butler

Sarah-Jane answers your questions on playing the role of Lucy Butler in Chris Carter's Millennium...

What If There Had Been A Millennium Season 4?

'Legion2005' asked Sarah-Jane, if she would have returned to play the role of Lucy Butler had their been a fourth season of Millennium?

Sarah-Jane's reply:

I think no matter where I would have been in the world, I would have come back to work on Millennium, with Lance. There was so much possibility as to where the characters could have gone, past, present, future, there was a great intellectual chemistry between Frank and Lucy. That kind of challenge for a female actress to play, and win, is rare, and I would have welcomed that experience again anytime. I am very fond of the work that I have done with ten thirteen productions, and am so glad there are those that appreciate the chemistry and tension that was created.



Back story of Lucy Butler

I loved Millennium. A friend of mine worked on it years ago (clapper loader, Johnathan, English, had a nut allergy) and being a big fan of the X-files I bought all 3 seasons on the internet and proceeded to watch it back to back. Your performance as the evil, and barking, Lucy Butler was brilliant - but I wondered did the producers give you any back story? Frank finds a sepia photo of Lucy which was never properly explained, but her character begs so many questions, including the fact that she can shiftshape into a young man. I know she's the devil - but there is so much more mystery surrounding her. Can you give us any insight?

Helen Manzano - London UK

Sarah-Jane's reply:

Hi Helen!

Thanks so much for your questions and comments.

Lucy Butler, yes, she certainly does inspire questions. I will never forget my first day shooting that character. It was the scene with Terry and Lance when they arrive at my house in the morning to interrogate me for the second time. I knew I had to walk circles around them, and there I was my first day, I was a huge fan of both Terry and Lance, I had a lot to prove. I was a little supprised at the end of that day, the power I felt emerge, like it had been sitting, waiting, just beneath my skin, waiting for an opportunity to pounce, and that it did, I could not wait to let it out again. Playing Lucy was not only creatively intoxicating, but it brought that power into my own life, or 'realized' it.

As for background on Lucy, to be honest, there were little words that needed to be said between the producers and myself. I didn't really feel the need to ask too many questions, and unless I was on the wrong track, they really left it up to me. Sometimes things are better left unexplained, it leaves room for imagination, fantasy, intrigue. I can tell you that Lucy knew, but she promised never to reveal, and the secrets are dark and deep and locked away until someone decides to awaken her again.




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Millennium was a critically acclaimed, award winning hour-long apocalyptic drama series which was produced by the Fox Television Network in the United States between 1996 and 1999. It was based on an original idea by Chris Carter, who also created The X-Files and was produced by his Ten Thirteen Productions company.

Millennium first aired in October 1996 and stared:

  • Lance Henriksen as Frank Black
  • Megan Gallagher as Catherine Black
  • Brittany Tiplady as Jordan Black
  • Sarah-Jane Redmond as Lucy Butler
  • Terry O'Quinn as Peter Watts

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The demonic Lucy Butler

Sarah-Jane as Lucy Butler in the episode 'Lamentation'...

Sarah-Jane as Lucy Butler in the episode 'A Room With No View'...

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