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  1. Sarah-Jane Redmond shares some of her personal photos.
  2. RL Stine's The Haunting Hour

    Sarah Jane Redmond returned in 2014 to guest star in a second episode of R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour, an award winning horror-fantasy series broadcast on the The Hub Network.
  3. Buried Secrets (2015)

    Images of Sarah-Jane Redmond and her character in Buried Secrets.
  4. Supernatural

    Images of Sarah-Jane Redmond's appearances in Supernatural.
  5. Sarah-Jane would appear again for a final time as Lucy in a brief 'blink and you'll miss it' end of episode scene in Saturn Dreaming Of Mercury, written by Chip Johannessen and Jordan Hawley. Frank Black and daughter Jordan watch a burning house as the young child Lucas appears in a window and is transformed into Millennium's Lucy Butler.
  6. Millennium - Antipas

    Sarah-Jane would later reappear again, much to the delight of her fans, in the third Season episode Antipas as the hired nanny for a wealthy family. Butler again tested her sexual powers on married father John Saxum, peaking his curiosity and his wife's jealousy. Lucy exploited their weaknesses, playing one off against the other to attract the attention of now ex-Millennium Group Candidate Frank Black.
  7. Millennium - A Room with No View

    Sarah-Jane would appear again as Lucy Butler in a dedicated episode in Season Two of Millennium. A Room with No View became a cult favourite with fans of Millennium and in this episode viewers saw a whole new side to the merciless Lucy Butler, giving Sarah-Jane fresh opportunities to show what evil and seduction her character was capable of.
  8. The concluding second part of Lamentation, the Millennium episode Powers, Principalities, Thrones, and Dominions features brief glimpses of Lucy Butler.
  9. Millennium - Lamentation

    Sarah-Jane Redmond débuted as Lucy Butler, manifestation of pure evil in Millennium's Season One episode, Lamentation. It was Lucy Butler, portrayed by Sarah-Jane Redmond, who quickly become the revered temptress of evil with Millennium's fans. Lucy Butler was the wife of evil Dr Ephraim Fabricant, who Frank Black helped capture years before.
  10. 2004 Promotional Images

    Promotional images of Sarah-Jane Redmond.
  11. Sarah-Jane's personal photo's from various movie roles.
  12. Sarah-Jane's collection of photos and mementos relating to the popular TV series Smallville.
  13. Sarah-Jane's personal collection of photos from the critically acclaimed Chris Carter TV series Millennium.
  14. Sarah-Jane's personal collection of photos from the Chris Carter TV series Harsh Realm.