Film, television, theatre actor and acting coach Sarah-Jane Redmond.
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Introducing Sarah-Jane Redmond

A promotional photo of actress and coach Sarah-Jane Redmond.Sarah-Jane Redmond is an accomplished actress, well versed in the many aspects of her chosen profession which she considers to be her 'craft'. Indeed throughout Sarah-Jane's career the actress has gathered an extensive resume of skills and experience including Dance, Theatre, Film and Television work. Born in Cyprus, Sarah-Jane and her family visited many countries before settling at the age of ten years in Canada. Sarah-Jane recalls from an even earlier age her desire that she would one day become an actress.

The young and inspired Sarah-Jane attended Dancemakers Studio in Toronto for six years, under professional Brian Foley, before moving to London after her graduation. Within her first year in the United Kingdom Sarah-Jane was accepted into theatre school but, instead, chose to return to Canada to study at the famous William Davis Centre in Vancouver (William Davis is instantly recognisable for his famous portrayal of The Cigarette Smoking Man, in The X-Files). Sarah-Jane currently still lives in Canada which has been the home of many of her projects. In a recent interview with me Sarah-Jane shared her thoughts on living in Vancouver: "I love living here in Canada" she admitted. "It has been great to me both professionally and personally. Although I was not born here I consider it my home, but I could for sure see myself spending a lot of time down in Belize." [1]

Shortly after graduation Sarah-Jane launched her own Theatre company. It was during one of her productions that a visiting Agent was impressed with her talent, assisting her to commence a varied and thorough career which has seen her work with many 'stars', production crews, famous studios and distributors including Warner Bros, Universal, Twentieth Century Fox and Columbia amongst many others.

Sarah-Jane Redmond as Millennium's Lucy Butler

A scene featuring Sarah-Jane Redmond from the Millennium episode Antipas.Sarah-Jane has achieved a mixture of mainstream and cult success becoming a much loved and respected actress, in particular with the determined fans of Chris Carter's Millennium TV series. Whilst it is fair to say that Chris Carter and his production company Ten Thirteen (so named after his birthday) is best know for his commercial success with The X-Files (in which Redmond has also appeared twice), it is the critically acclaimed and less well known Millennium which has seen Sarah-Jane attract the most attention and following. Sarah-Jane credits Millennium as the springboard for her television career and in particular for persuading her to continue her chosen field of acting at a time when she considered otherwise; "Millennium... was the experience that inspired me to continue in the field of acting, and taught me so many wonderful tools that continue to help me strive for the best.". Sarah-Jane recalls "I wanted so much to work on Millennium, as I found Chris Carter a prolific and captivating writer, and was pleased to hear I had an audition for him in an episode that David Nutter was to direct. I knew at the time that I felt very strong about the audition, and was surprised to say the least when the casting director called me at home. They did not want to give me the part I had auditioned for because they had a new recurring character that they would like me to play. This was the part of Lucy Butler." [2]

Sarah-Jane, forever cherished by hardcore fans of Millennium for her portrayal of Lucy Butler, is thankful that the role led her to work with the multi-talented Lance Henriksen, who played Millennium's central character Frank Black. The two actors share a unique understanding of their work which has seen them team up once again for the film The Invitation. Reminiscing about her time spent with Lance, Sarah-Jane recalls "Lance Henriksen I simply cannot say enough about. I have worked with many 'stars' and Lance has been by far the greatest example of grace, talent, joy, commitment, and generosity I have ever come across. At the time I was considering not continuing my career, as I found television disheartening by the people I had been working with. It was nothing like the rush I had felt in theatre school, the rush of communicating with another actor, creating intensity and chemistry. When I worked with Lance, it was like lightening. He is so alive, so willing to play, and be challenged.” [2]

I recently asked Sarah-Jane if she would like to one day revive the role of Lucy and once more become the nemesis of Millennium's Frank Black. She responded "I would of course love to work with Lance again. I learned so much from him, and he was a great mentor to me. It would be fantastic to get inside Lucy Butler once again. I have many thoughts on where she could go, but, if in the hands of Chris Carter I think I would prefer to see what comes from his mind." [2]

Other roles

Promotional image of actress Sarah-Jane Redmond.Take a short look at the television credits of Sarah-Jane and you'll immediately notice the lady has a penchant for science-fiction. Her list, in addition to Millennium and The X-Files, includes a mixture of appearances and recurring roles on The Outer Limits, Smallville, Andromeda, Alienated, cult favourite Harsh Realm and not forgetting James Cameron's Dark Angel and Steven Spielberg's Taken. Her television and movie credits however include other varying genres besides science fiction, adding examples of family/children, horror, comedy and dramatisation to her name. Sarah-Jane has a recurring lead role in the award winning, long running crime detective series Da Vinci's Inquest which attained seven seasons before making way for spin off series, Da Vinci: City Hall. She has also completed two series of Alienated which is a quirky sci-fi comedy and features some strong storylines.

Off screen Sarah-Jane maintains an active and adrenaline inducing fitness and sports orientated regime which includes running, boxing, sky diving, Ocean diving and undertakes regular Hap-Ki Do martial arts training. During August 2007, Sarah-Jane (despite being 8 months pregnant at the time), walked with her sister through the suburbs of Vancouver (over 60 kilometres during the course of one weekend), together with thousands of other men and women, themselves raising $4000 for the BC Cancer Foundation.

In 2006 Sarah-Jane was thrilled to have been nominated for Best Actress at the Tribecca New York horror film festival and during 2007, Sarah-Jane was delighted to have received a Leo Award nomination for 'Best Lead Performance by a female in a Feature Length Drama', for her role in The Entrance. The Leo Awards are an annual set of awards, given each May, which honor the best in British Columbian television and film production.

On October 5th 2007, Sarah-Jane welcomed the safe arrival of her newborn son, Lucas Noon-Redmond, securing her finest role yet.

When considering Sarah-Jane there is no doubt as to the talent and experience of this actress. It’s also impossible to forget the professional pride which Sarah-Jane injects into her work. Sarah-Jane is certainly a charming and intelligent actress, one who will continue to rise to and enjoy new challenges.

Graham P. Smith



  1. ^ From currently unpublished content.
  2. ^ Quotes from an interview with Scott Pugliese for This Is Who We Are.

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Sgt Sheila Kurtz

Sarah-Jane Redmond as Sgt Sheila Kurtz in the Canadian award winning drama Da Vinci's Inquest and its spin-off series Da Vinci's City Hall.

Sarah-Jane Redmond portrayed Sgt Sheila Kurtz in the award winning Canadian drama Da Vinci's Inquest and spin-off series Da Vinci's City Hall.