Film, television, theatre actor and acting coach Sarah-Jane Redmond.
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Sarah-Jane Redmond has collated a formidable acting and dancing resume throughout her career. This section of highlights her most acclaimed film and TV roles. Additional articles will be published in the near future.



Learn more about Sarah-Jane's role in Alienated.

Alienated is a dark sci-fi comedy featuring Sarah-Jane as Sarah Blundell and centres on a modern suburban family unit who have been abducted by Aliens. Currently two Season's have been produced. Read more...


Millennium: Lucy Butler (2 part article)

Discover more about Sarah-Jane's role as Lucy Butler.

Sarah-Jane Redmond appeared as recurring character Lucy Butler in the remarkable and critically acclaimed television series, Millennium. The show was the second brainchild of Chris Carter whose production company Ten Thirteen previously brought to the world The X-Files and later Harsh Realm. Read more...




Sarah-Jane Redmond has undertaken several online and media interviews during her varied career. Additional interviews will added to this archive as they become available.


Media Interviews

Adrenaline junkie runs for research by Mary Francis Hill, published on April 8th 2004.

A scanned article about Harsh Realm from TV Guide.

Harsh Realm - A scanned TV Guide preview of Chris Carter's Harsh Realm, including the show creator's own thoughts on what the series represents.


A scanned article about Sarah-Jane's lead role in The Entrance, from the Vancouver Sun.

Go Sarah-Jane
An article from the Vancouver Sun newspaper on August 24th 2005, announcing Sarah-Jane Redmond's lead role in the science fiction movie, The Entrance.


View The Actors Space in PDF format (new window).

Close Up with Sarah-Jane Redmond - SchoolCreative's The Actors Space
In PDF format, an exclusive 2 page interview from September 2005 with actress Sarah-Jane Redmond.


View the Taming Tammy article in PDF format (new window).

Taming Tammy
Courtesy of Province Newspaper, an article from May 2006 in PDF format from E-Today's two page feature on Taming Tammy which includes comments from actress Sarah-Jane Redmond.


Online Interviews, Articles and Reviews presents a list of external online resources including interviews, articles and reviews with actress Sarah-Jane Redmond. Please visit the links below which will open in convenient new windows.

This is who we are - Sarah-Jane Redmond interview

An exclusive interview by Scott Pugliese with Sarah-Jane in which she discusses her role as Millennium's Lucy Butler and what it was like to work with actor Lance Henriksen and Millennium's production crew.

Arrow In The Head - Sarah-Jane Redmond interview

Arrow In The Head presents an interview with Sarah-Jane and discusses her role as the sexy nymphomaniac Gwen in the 2002 film sequel Hellraiser: Hellseeker. - The Night Of The Iguana

Sarah-Jane Redmond appeared twice a day as Hannah Jelkes, live on stage in The Night Of The Iguana by famous playwright Tennessee Williams, during the period December 3rd-11th 2004. The play together with Summer and Smoke formed part of the recurring Tennessee Williams Festival at The Playwrights Theatre Centre, Granville Island, Vancouver which each year features selected Williams' plays, as well as the works of other celebrated playwrights. presents an excellent impartial review of the production. - Theatre Review of The Night Of The Iguana

Colin Thomas states in his review at, "Sarah-Jane Redmond embodies Hannah with grace and containment. In the simplicity of her work, Redmond finds both the humility and the spiritual size that make Hannah such a compelling figure."


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Sgt Sheila Kurtz

Sarah-Jane Redmond as Sgt Sheila Kurtz in the Canadian award winning drama Da Vinci's Inquest and its spin-off series Da Vinci's City Hall.

Sarah-Jane Redmond portrayed Sgt Sheila Kurtz in the award winning Canadian drama Da Vinci's Inquest and spin-off series Da Vinci's City Hall.


Promotional Photo

A promotional photo of actress Sarah-Jane Redmond.

A promotional photo of actress Sarah-Jane Redmond.


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